Our produce

We start by selecting the very best ingredients that New Zealand has to offer.

King Country Pet Food New Zealand

Ingredients including grass-fed, free-range meats, ancient grains and New Zealand clean-green superfoods.

Dry Pet Food

Select from fresh meats such as grass-fed free-range beef, lamb or chicken and sustainably sourced fish. Add ancient grains, pulses or legumes. Throw in world-famous NZ superfoods such as Manuka honey, Kiwifruit, or fresh Green-lipped mussels. Or even freeze-dried meat or air-dried vegetable inclusions for incredible taste and health claims.

premium ingredients

NZ Grassfed Free Range Lamb

King Country Pet Food New Zealand

NZ Grassfed Free Range Beef

King Country Pet Food New Zealand


King Country Pet Food New Zealand

Ancient Grains

King Country Pet Food New Zealand

Manuka Honey

King Country Pet Food New Zealand

Green Lip Mussel

King Country Pet Food New Zealand

And lots more

Crafted with Quality You Can Trust

Need Kibble with up to 50% Real Meat?

Consider it done

We can guide your unique recipe development, crafted from clean-green New Zealand ingredients, from start to finish.

Advanced Packaging Solutions

Dry Kibble

Select from preformed bags, pouches, and sacks ranging from 500g to 20kg.

Do you have specific packaging requirements? Just ask.

King Country Pet Food New Zealand
Why Create with Us?

World-leading processing plant

We have an all-new new, technologically advanced facility offering exceptional production efficiency.

Deeply talented people

Skilled. Experienced. Passionate. Here to assist you from beginning-to-end.


From our humble rural setting, to the world.

Unmatched nz product

In selecting the best ingredients from rural New Zealand, we craft unsurpassed food for pets, exported to the world.


With exceptional expertise across our supply chain, we are constantly experimenting and iterating to keep you at the forefront of change.

King Country Pet Food New Zealand
King Country Dry Pet Food
King Country Pet Food New Zealand
King Country Dry Pet Food

Expert Guidance for your Brand

Tailored nutrition

In addition to our extensive in-house experience, we are happy to work with a nutritionist of your choice (or preferred innovation centres of excellence) to ensure your product exceeds nutritional objectives.


We have experience sourcing the highest quality raw ingredients from New Zealand and around the globe ensuring the highest standards of quality and food safety.

Market Compliance

Through New Zealand’s unique access to markets around the world, our team’s deep experience can help support you throughout your regulatory journey, and beyond.

Superior Palatability

Beyond our own experience, we partner with key suppliers to pioneer superior palatability and digestibility solutions.

Branding & Marketing

Don’t have a brand ready to go? We can link you with world-leading brand and marketing experts with significant experience in the pet food space to delivery custom or turn-key solutions.

Our Product, Your Brand success

From ideation to production and beyond, we are with you every step of the way.

With select New Zealand ingredients, world leading processes and people with unparalleled expertise, we are your co-manufacturing champion of naturally, better pet food.

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